Keeping active during lockdown

YouTube has many videos of cycling experiences you can ride along with, without leaving home, even on an inexpensive static trainer.  Here are some examples.

The Col Collective is one of my favourite channels, a particularly professional offering taking us into the Alps and Pyrenees:  My static trainer makes it possible for me to summit the Tourmalet without dying.

I enjoy riding along with some ultra-endurance riders, such as Lael Wilcox ( and Lachlan Morton (

I’m also rather partial to: GCN, REI, BikingMan (an unfortunate name!) and Dylan Johnson.  Go to YouTube and search on any of these terms.  (GCN also has a paid channel called GCN+, with hours and hours of riveting documentaries and epic riding films.)

Email me links to your favourite cycling videos and I will publish a selection:

Even the simplest static trainer is all you need to get started.  So if you don’t already have one, beg, borrow or buy one to enjoy riding indoors as you watch these videos, or of course your favourite movies, shows or simply listen to music. Even the simplest trainer is all you need to get started.  

Maybe you’re more interested in interactive experiences like Zwift, Rouvy or FulGaz? (See Marc de Silva’s excellent article in last week’s News:  You can still enjoy these apps using your simple static trainer, as long as you add a speed sensor to your bike.  Here is a GCN video to help you set it up:

Stay safe!

Phill Hart