So we can’t ride beyond 10km from home. Woe is we! With help from website https://2kmfromhome.com/10km (thanks Victor!), I pondered how to win the lucrative President’s Artistic-route Prize, genre “Extremism”.

From Greenwich shop cluster (near home), and notwithstanding harbour and rivers interrupting, I conjured a ride-route comprising four “leaves”, with VERY minimal overlap/retrace/repetition: 208km.

The leaves are in sequence NE, NW, SW, SE. The route returns to the shops only after the fourth leaf, but … After the NE leaf, the route passes through St Leonards, 2km away. After the NW leaf, it passes 1km away. Between SW and SE leaves, it passes up King St, CBD, 7km away (saving SHB etc. retracing).

Gutless Greenwichians can skip a leaf or two, or three, adding appropriate links. If 200km is your limit, and/or 2,000M of climbing, skip some of the Mosman-ish spurs down to near sea-level.

Some roads involved are unpleasantly/dangerously busy in “normal times” (e.g. Warringah Rd). Some very short walks en route provide exercise variety! Canterbury-Bankstown LGA was delicately dodged. Substantial parts of NE, NW, and SW leaves match Bike North Rides.

While leaf-riding, carry photo-ID and the 10km-radius website on your phone. If police-challenged, you can show that home is within 10km of your phone.

To follow this route, use https://ridewithgps.com/routes/36837121

Cue customization is as yet minimal; good luck!