North Sydney council outrage

Bike riders were stunned when North Sydney council Traffic Committee suddenly made a decision to stop bikes using the shared path beside the Pacific Highway between Arthur St and Blues St.  This is a widely used route for commuters and less able riders alike.  Many Bike North rides traverse this section. 

Bike North agree that this section has become particularly busy with both pedestrians and riders and council staff had recommended a speed limit and separation of riders and pedestrians.  Instead, the Traffic Committee has decided to close the path to cycles and will force all cyclists down Miller St, Blues Point Rd and Lavender St.  There was no assessment of this new route, particularly for safety.   There has been no consultation with residents or cyclists.  The Committee meeting explicitly discussed that this new route was dangerous.  This new route is completely unsuitable for families, children, and less experienced riders. 

This section of shared path is part of the most important bike route in North Sydney and is included in council’s own Bike Strategy, as well as several Transport for NSW official route maps. 

The recent success in having the SHB ramp given the go ahead will be lost!  The less able riders who will be able to access the Bridge will no longer be able to go any further north!! 

The Committee will deliberately direct all cyclists to a route it knows is dangerous.  Council will need to carefully consider its legal liability should any rider have an accident on this new route. 

The next Traffic Committee meeting is this Friday 3 Sept. 

If you are concerned, write to the council here:  OR North Sydney Council. PO Box 12. North Sydney NSW 2059.  Or directly to the mayor here:  (the mayor is also the chair of the Traffic Committee). 

If you are a North Sydney resident, write to your local councillor.   Their contact details can be found here:  North Sydney Council – Mayor & Councillors ( 

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