A Role for You in Bike North

If you would like to be more active within Bike North, we would love to have your contribution and support, especially in the following areas.

Publish our weekly News broadcast email

Our wonderful Editor, Vic Buriak, has decided to hang up his keyboard after two terrific years.  He says the role takes a couple of hours each week and requires only minimal skills, in which he is happy to train you.

Join the Executive Committee

All the current Executive positions become vacant at the AGM on 28 September.  Most of the existing members intend standing again for the next Executive, and we would be very pleased to have new people join the Executive as well.  You can get the nomination form here, if you would like to join the Executive or wish to nominate someone.

Manage and improve our IT infrastructure

Our website uses WordPress, SharePoint/OneDrive and has many legacy plug-ins and custom code stored in GitHub.  We have numerous improvements we wish to make and would appreciate your help if you have the expertise and interest.

Develop our understanding and use of social media

We are increasingly aware that social media could play a powerful role, especially in advocating for improved cycle infrastructure.  If you tweet, post or are otherwise social-media savvy, help us mature our social media understanding and activities.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any of these roles.  I’m very happy to give you more information and hear your thoughts.

Phill Hart, President

Phone: 0407 044 020

Email: president@bikenorth.org.au