Out and About Results

Topiary, by Andrew Elliston

Competition was fierce in the Out and About Challenge.   We had seven entries ranging from swift times with high scores to those who took a very relaxed approach, using this as an excuse for some family fun, or just to get out of the house.   Exactly what the challenge was organised for! 

We had almost as much fun looking at the entries as those who participated.  And we wonder if there were others who took the challenge for the fun of it too, without submitting an entry. 

So the winner is Andrew Elliston, completing the challenge in a total time of 59 mins and collecting all but two items for a score of 59 out of the maximum 65 points. Lyness Beavis also did a sterling job, by collecting 59 points. However she completed her route in 1 hour 8 mins, thus resulting in a net score of 51 points.  A very close runner up to Andrew was Gerry Both, with 58 points and a much swifter time of 40 mins… Gerry you had time to keep looking for that magpie or black and white dog!   But there’s the challenge of this competition… is it better to finish more quickly or to risk going overtime to get more points?!  In the end, on close inspection we had to deduct 3 points from Gerry’s score taking it back to 55, as a photo of a suburban library on street level is not actually a Street Library… as David Thomson and his grandchildren know! 🙂

The only person to ‘clear the course’ as they say in orienteering, by getting all items, was Wendy Jannings.   Unfortunately it took Wendy 3 days to do it, thereby losing all of her points, but she tells us she had a lot of fun along the way and she found a street post in her area with 7 signs on it.  We love these details!  Bruce Rhodes walked his neighbourhood and collected many points, and was quite innovative with some of them.  But the walk took 2 hours and he lost all the points that he gained!   Bruce didn’t find any knitting graffiti, (it was the least found of all the item), but that didn’t stop him, he made his own knitted knotted graffiti and hung it out.  Nice!

We will be publishing some of the Out and About photos in the coming Bike North News, but in the meantime Brian Lynne gets a special mention for his photo of a suburban oddity in his area.   That’s a wheely odd fence Brian!

Neighbourhood Oddity by Brian Lynne
Street Library by David Thomson

Pauline Evans and Phill Hart