Well maybe not totally, but with the easing of restrictions in Sydney, Bike North has been able to organise group rides for the first time since June.

Current restrictions outside LGA’s of concern allow for up to five adults who are double vaccinated to associate within their LGA or up to 5km from their home. Many Bike North rides cross LGA’s so we have developed MaxVax rides which allow Ride Leaders to develop rides for a MAX of 5, all double VAX within their LGA or 5km radius. These will use segments of existing rides, as much as possible, and so it’s important to read the notes before signing up to determine what will be involved.

The first MaxVax ride was held on Tuesday  14th September when Brian Lynne led a “MaxVax The Hills” ride from Wiseman’s Ferry using a modified Two Wisemen route to exclude the segment in the Hornsby Shire. “It was good to get back to leading and it took a short while to re-adjust from solo rides. The opportunity to share conversation, whilst socially distanced, was a huge plus after so many months.”

Brian also emphasised the importance of ensuring all riders met the residential and vaccination criteria as, by chance, encountered the Hawkesbury, Police Local Area Commander and local Superintendent at the Wisemans Ferry coffee stop after the ride. “It was a great opportunity to engage the senior officers in discussion concerning cycling and the benefits of organisations such as Bike North”, Brian added.

Keep checking out our calendar for more MaxVax rides and hopefully soon we’ll be able to get back to normal operations. Vaccination status will be critical so all members are strongly encouraged to get the jab!

Geoff Young, Rides Coordinator