Introducing the new Executive Committee, and Vote of Thanks

At the Annual General Meeting just held, the following members were appointed to the Executive Committee for 2021-22:

  • President: Phill Hart
  • Secretary and Public Officer: Brian Lynne
  • Treasurer: Geoff Lyons
  • Committee Members: David Thomson, Geoff Young, Alison Pryor, Beth O’Leary.

At the committee’s first meeting, they will allocate people to the various roles co-ordinating advocacy, rides, coaching and membership.

One Committee member place remains unfilled.  Please contact me to discuss your involvement.

Thank you, Justin Holmwood, for acting as Returning Officer for this process.

I warmly thank all the members of the previous Executive Committee.  They are the people listed above and have all returned for another year in the role.

I also thank all the dozens of other members who have contributed so much to Bike North during the past year:

  • Acting Advocacy Officer: Justin Holmwood (from April to July 2021)
  • IT: Grant Sayer (IT Lead), Martin Choy
  • News: Victor Buriak (Editor), James Yap
  • Rides Committee: Alison Pryor, Andrew Elliston, Brian Lynne, Geoff Young, John Turton, Stuart Lee and Trevor Nash
  • Advocacy contributors: Carolyn New for consistent effort, enthusiasm and expertise in developing powerful, professional submissions in consultation with others
  • Area Convenors: Carolyn New, Justin Holmwood, Ian Meller, Brian Lynne, Darryn Capes-Davis, Alison Pryor, Lyness Beavis and Alister Sharp
  • Further contributors: Margaret Lyons, Tony Stanley, Yaffa Gould, Steph Croft, Mary Ann Irvin, Wendy Jannings, Jane Ellis, Andrew Nelson, Martin Choy, Kim Ryan, Marc de Silva, Alf Torrisi, Andrew Elliston and many others
  • Tours organisers: John Williams, David Vasey, Alison Pryor and Geoff Young
  • Social Committee: Christine Jessep, Theresa Gin and John Williams.

Thank you, everyone.  It has been a privilege and a pleasure working with you all.

Phill Hart, President