Cycling for Sustainable Cities updated link

Organised by Austroads – Webinar: 12pm -1.30pm 19 October – please note the new link below

For any of BN members struggling with their local council to improve cycling infrastructure, a chance to listen to experts discuss current trends.

The Webinar, based on the book – Cycling for Sustainable Cities written by American academics, explores how to make city cycling safe, practical, and convenient for a broad spectrum of ages, genders and abilities. They will also discuss the latest cycling trends and policies around the world and consider specific aspects of cycling.
Based on data from 2019-2020 from cities around the world, they will also review the impacts of COVID-19 on cycling levels and government policies to promote cycling. Taken together, the presentation will demonstrate that successful promotion of cycling depends on a coordinated package of mutually supportive infrastructure,
programs and policies. “Cycling should be made feasible for as many people as possible and not limited to especially fit, daring, well-trained cyclists riding expensive bicycles.”

To watch and participate you need to make a free registration with Austroads. The link to register is: Registration (  

Austroads is the collective of the Australian and New Zealand transport agencies, representing all levels of government. They provide high-quality, practical and impartial advice, information, tools and services to help our members to deliver efficient, reliable and safe mobility to their customers. Austroads solves problems for transport agencies in Australia and New Zealand. We focus on making mobility safer and more reliable for all users and our transport infrastructure sustainable and future proof. We also provide national services that
help transport agencies to operate seamlessly across state borders and bring
national efficiencies to their operations.

They are a not-for-profit, nonpartisan organisation, funded by Australian and New
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Margaret Lyons