Bike North Jersey+ Team Shop Re-opened

We are re-opening the team shop from Friday 15th October and will close on Sunday 24th October. 

You will see that in addition to the jerseys, socks and cap, we are offering a vest and sun sleeves.

As before, Bike North will subsidise the jersey for $35 for those who are ordering their first alternative jersey. Type the code BNMEMBER to have the subsidy applied. 

In terms of sizing, some members found the sizes ran small in the first round. To avoid this, it is suggested that you: 

  • Speak with another Bike North member who has already ordered the jersey (or feel free to call me);  
  • Go to the physical store in Alexandria to try the jersey on. Combine this with a visit to one of the cool cafes in the area; and/or 
  • Size up if uncertain and you prefer to have a looser fit 

The Cuore store is open weekdays from 10 to 4. It is located at CUORE, 26/110 Bourke Road Alexandria, located within The Bourke Centre. Cuore can be found on the 2nd level by either driving to the roof top or using the lift in the foyer or carpark. 

Cuore advises if using Google only use the 110 Bourke Road Alexandria reference, as google can send people via the adjoining complex, which doesn’t allow access. They suggest that you call (02) 9310 2740 beforehand to check the time is suitable. Check the latest COVID restrictions before visiting.