Ready to book a trip to the South Coast?

It’s time to make some away plans! In December, Bike North is putting on a weekend of riding in and around Nowra. This weekend has been well received in previous years and the rides are through pleasant countryside. Nowra is only  2½ hours drive south of Sydney. All the rides begin at the landmark Iroquois Helicopter so you can’t miss us.

There are three rides over the weekend, with the option of an ‘early bird’ ride on Thursday. Or you can just come for one day if you are time pressed. The rides range from easy to easy-medium and there are some sites to enjoy after the ride with refreshments!

Most of the routes use secondary roads but there is some car traffic and two rides may have a very small amount of unsealed road riding.

The Thursday and Friday rides start in the afternoon, allowing people time to drive down in the morning.

As the Nowra weekend is later in the year, the Sat and Sun rides start earlier at 8:00am.

For more details on the weekend see:
Some accommodation has been booked, and is available on a first to express interest basis, please contact for details.