Council elections – BE PART OF THE SOLUTION

The local government elections take place on 4 December this year. Local government has a major impact on cycling and particularly cycling infrastructure.

· Like to know what your candidates think about cycling?

· Want to show them how great cycling is for the community?

· Would you like to show them what would improve cycling in your area?

· Would you like to tell them about Bike North?

Bike North is supporting members to participate in the upcoming election with a “Members’ Kit” which includes:

· Sample text for possible use in emails, social media posts or letters to candidates or as talking points when you bump into the candidate at the shops!!!

· Contact information for candidates in your area.

This information is available HERE on the Bike North web site.

The full list of candidates is only formally announced on Thursday 4 November. The contact details for candidates will be included on the web site from early next week.