Bike North Strategic Plan 2022

The Executive Committee has developed the direction for our efforts in this coming year.  Here are the challenges and opportunities on which we have chosen to focus. 

Please give us your comments and suggestions here

Rides and routes

Re-energise ride leaders who are now leading fewer rides

Evolve the guidelines for emerging from lock-down (number of rides, vaccination policy, etc)

Address the ‘I can’t get on a ride’ conundrum: perceptions seem to contradict the statistics; more ways to tell people what rides are on

Get more master ride leaders

Skills and safety

Expand our public coaching by adding a couple more councils

Expand the coaching pool to four accredited coaches

Hold bike maintenance skills sessions


Have more influence in local and state government

Engage with local government candidates for the 2021 Council elections, both before and after the elections


Increase and maintain membership


Develop our use of social media, especially for advocacy activities

Refine our messaging: more targeted, where appropriate

Improve the website and other communications: more attractive visual design, members only segments, etc

Develop our new brochure

Systems and processes

Move to an IT system that is more robust, more easily managed, does online payments, works well with mobile devices, improves our access to the Exec meeting Agenda, etc

Have more ways to tell people what rides are on

For coaching, move away from Bike for Life model and towards being able to see and book sessions, like we do with rides

Special Interest Groups

Support people who have: particular interests (eg Cycling Without Age, women-only rides, etc); different backgrounds (eg younger, diverse backgrounds, families, etc); different riding styles (eg MTB, gravel, e-bikes, Zwift, etc); an interest in tours (hold info sessions and run tours locally and internationally)


Consider the most appropriate way to use our current financial resources (including maintaining an appropriate reserve of funds)


Review, update and refine our constitution, removing some anachronisms and bringing it up to date (eg it is obsolete having the Director-General mentioned in the definitions section)

We are keen to hear any comments or suggestions you may have. Please add your comments here .

Phill Hart, President