Suggest a Special Interest Group

Do you have a particular cycling-related interest?  Would you like to ride with other people who have a background like yours?  Do you want to ride in a way that is different from the road routes in our Calendar?  Are you interested in going on a cycling tour, locally or internationally?

We want to support people with different interests, different backgrounds and different riding styles.  For example (take a deep breath): women-only rides, younger riders, diverse backgrounds, families, singles, LGBTQI+, MTB, gravel, e-bikes, Zwift, evening rides, overnight rides.  The possibilities are endless!

Your ideas

If you think of some particular Special Interest Group in which you would be interested, let us know here.

Starting a Special Interest Group

If you would like to run or coordinate a Special Interest Group, let us know here .  Tell us what you are proposing and we will think how we might be able to support you.

Phill Hart, President