Update on Riding during Covid

Happy New Year to Bike North riders.  These are interesting times that we live in.

Due to the severity of the current Omicron/Covid 19 situation in NSW, Bicycle NSW has, in the last few days, made some recommendations based on NSW Health Order and health and safety concerns.  As it happens, Bike North is already complying with most of the recommendations.  As a result of these recommendations, we are reducing the default (maximum) number of riders to 10 until further notice. We are also adding conditions that riders must not attend if a close contact and riders who become Covid-19 positive within (approximately) 5 days after participating in a ride are to advise the Ride Leader.

Therefore, Bike North rides will continue subject to the following conditions:

– Riders must be double vaccinated and carry proof

– Pre-registration is compulsory

– Physical distancing of 1.5 metres must be maintained at all times

– Riders must not attend if sick, have cold or flu or flu-like symptoms, a close contact, etc

– Riders who become Covid-19 positive within (approximately) 5 days after participating in a ride must immediately advise the Ride Leader

– All riders are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer

– Registration for, and participation in, a Bike North activity includes consent for contact details from the ride log being provided for contact tracing purposes

– Riders must bring and wear a mask when NSW Health orders require (e.g. going into a coffee shop, toilets and on public transport & vehicular ferries).

Happy Riding,

Geoff – Rides Co-ordinator