Warringah Freeway Upgrade – Removal of Falcon Street Underpass

The removal in mid-October of the pedestrian and bike underpass on the east side of Falcon Street will be the next significant impact of the Warringah Freeway Upgrade. 

Closure of the underpass, which has been in use since 2009, will require significant detours for both pedestrians and cyclists (refer detour map). For cyclists, the detour will require crossing to the west side of the freeway involving five busy signalised crossings, two being entry ramps to the motorway, two exit ramps and the fifth the crossing of Falcon Street (west side) itself. 

Pedestrians will need to cross by heading east along Military Road, with two signalised crossings.

We are informed by Transport for NSW that the underpass will be removed permanently. Replacement is not in the Upgrade contract and Transport for NSW does not appear to consider this as important as they see current usage as low.

Underpass entry from north side

A condition of consent for the Freeway Upgrade was a broad review of active transport within 500m of the Freeway.  The conditions of consent require Transport for NSW to implement the outcomes of this study.  This study should see improvements to pedestrian and cycle routes in this vicinity.  The study would likely recommend routes which include the existing underpass.  If the underpass were permanently removed, the opportunity to include it in as part of a new active transport plan would be lost.

Underpass entry from south side

If you are concerned about the permanent removal of this facility, please contact the Bike North advocacy team  at advocacy@bikenorth.org.au  or north.sydney@bikenorth.org.au    We also recommend that you contact your local member of parliament, e.g. Willoughby: Tim James or North Sydney: Felicity Wilson to air your concerns.