Bike North Contributes to Resolution of Issues for Cyclists in Hornsby Shire

Bike North advocacy convenors rely on close dialogue with councillors to ensure that concerns of cyclists and issues in infrastructure are on the agenda.

In August this year, Bike North wrote to all the newly elected Hornsby Shire Councillors and the Mayor specifically noting the lack of any Active Transport Committee or active transport representation on the local Traffic Committee in Hornsby Shire.

As a result, we were concerned that, without an ongoing dialogues:

–  there are many opportunities for active transport pro-activity being missed

– project targets are possibly being mis-directed and

– dormant, useful infrastructure is not being utilised to its full potential (e.g. the Wanderer’s Way SUP adjacent to College Crescent, Hornsby).

While Council has not agreed to establish an active transport committee, the Mayor’s Office directed the Manager, Strategy and Place –  who has responsibility for active transport issues within Council –  to establish a regime of quarterly meetings with Bike North.

The first of these meetings occurred on 7 September and was attended by Tom Rubin and Justin Holmwood.

Discussions centred around:

  • the ongoing difficulties along the old Pacific Highway between Asquith and Mt Colah. Council is putting forward ideas about a more comprehensive dedicated cycleway, either side of the road, to Transport for NSW
  • the cycle lane choke point south of the lights at the Yirra Road/old Pacific Highway Mt Colah intersection. Council officers will inspect and report back to us
  • the dug- up section of the southbound cycle lane approximately 150 meters north of the Cowan Road/old Pacific Highway t-junction at Mt Colah, unattended for over 12 months. Council officers will investigate and report back to us
  • points of clarification concerning the  meaning of parts of the Hornsby Town Centre Masterplan. 

Council seems to be earnestly trying to improve the situation for cyclists using the old Pacific Highway. This is not a thoroughfare under Council’s control but its usage and design features significantly impact the lives of those who live along it and/or use it. It’s therefore crucial to the realisation of Council’s plans for improving liveability in the Shire that the State Government and Transport for NSW address the many issues local residents and users have been raising for many years about the corridor’s shortcomings.

We look forward to providing news of positive outcomes over the coming months.

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