One Less “Bollard!” – Bike North Success

Bike North was recently informed by a cycling member of the public about a new bollard installed on an exit ramp to Pennant Hills Road from the eastbound shoulder of the M2 (see photo above).

The bollard was considered dangerous as there was no clear line of sight to the bollard for cyclists turning the corner to take the exit.

Bike North made representations to Transurban who claimed the bollard was necessary to prevent drivers from attempting to use the bike exit rather than continuing to the NorthConnex Tunnel.

With the support of Bicycle NSW, the legal criteria for the installation of bollards and a video highlighting the issue were presented to Transurban. Bollards should be installed only as a last resort. We presented Transurban with better, safer options, which were implemented.

It isn’t often we get a bollard removed but, on this occasion, our advocacy efforts were successful!

Bike North will use this result in further communications with Transurban and repeat our previous offers to get involved up-front on cycling-related issues, reducing wasted expenditure yet ensuring safe environments for cyclists.

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