Arrival of the trishaw

The Trishaw has arrived!

On behalf of Cycling Without Age Sydney North, John Kelman has taken delivery of their new trishaw and has taken it for a test ride.

I haven’t seen it yet but it seems to be everything that is needed.  The official launch is next Monday, 21 November, at which time I hope to pilot at least one turn. (see your invitation to the launch above)

You would be very welcome to come along next Monday. If you bring your bike, you could ride along behind the trishaw as a ‘scout’, helping make sure everything goes smoothly and being an extra pair of hands when needed. Each ride lasts about 15 minutes and they run from 10am to midday.  Contact John Kelman for more information: .

Congratulations John and all your CWASN team !  Well done all!

Phill Hart, President