Interested in Canberra Rides, 11-14 March 2023?

Are you Interested in cycling in Canberra, this coming March, during the Enlighten Festival?

Some of the great overlapping features that will be held at the same time are ballooning and “Illuminations” (Vivid without crowds) – 11- 13 March.

I have Canberra loop rides planned for Saturday through to Monday, and a Tuesday Southern Highlands ride, while returning.

These tested routes suit Medium-hard riders, but ‘happy to modify them to suit other leaders.

I’ve booked an inexpensive house in Downer for three nights, four riders (more if riding couples).

If interested, email your preferred ride-grade, car capacity (bodies, baggage, bikes) or lift preferred to richardfkelly1@optusnet-com-au.

Richard Kelly