Warringah Freeway Upgrade – change to ramp closure date

The Ridge Street pedestrian/bike bridge is the latest upcoming casualty of the major construction works for the Warringah Freeway Upgrade. Not the bridge itself as yet – that’s still to come. The upcoming issue is the demise of the connecting ramp to Alfred Street North. If you plan to ride a route using the bridge, then do so very soon as the ramp is due to be removed on 16 January.

While Transport and the contractors assure us there will still be continuing accessibility, this will be limited by use of a temporary scaffold non-rideable turn ramp for at least two years. Cyclists will be required to dismount and it will descend into a very limited space on Alfred Street North. We have significant concerns about accessibility particularly for longer, wider and heavier bikes and suitability of the surface.

The existing ramp itself will be removed in the weeks after 16 January, probably at night-time, and those impacts on accessibility are unknown.

A permanent new bridge and new ramp is planned as part of this project and we are informed there will be ‘consultation’ on what they intend to build early in 2023.

What you need to know now:

· Ridge St shared path ramp to Alfred Street North to be removed 16 January 2023

· Temporary scaffold ramp as replacement for at least 2 years

· Cyclist dismount requirement

· Suitability for heavy, long, wide and other special bikes concerning