Tour de Cowra – Registration is now open

Registration for the Easter weekend is now open. If you are coming then you MUST register to ride in the Tour de Cowra

Registration Fees: 

  • Members: $10
  • Non-members: $45

Note: Non-members please note that if you wish, before you register, you could first become a member (Click here).  This may save you some money as the membership fees are $35 for individuals, $50 for families and $25 concession.  You will be given a membership number.  Then, register for the Tour de Cowra as a member by typing in that membership number.

Each individual must register: 

If paying for more than one person, please make individual payments. Please don’t register Mr and Mrs Smith as one person.

New Payment System:

As part of the registration process you can now pay straight away online using a Credit Card or Google Pay. This is by far the simplest and quickest way to pay. 

You could still pay your fee into the Bike North bank account using the reference code you are provided when you register but this requires manual intervention to match your payment with your registration. Paying online is a much easier option.

Once you have registered and paid you will be sent an email confirmation.  Note: The registration fee is not refundable if you decide to withdraw from the event.

Only 25km to Cowra

More Details:

To read more details about Cowra, the rides, the social activities etc, click here:

To go directly to the registration process, click here:

To ask the organisers a question, send an email to:

John, David and Christine