Keeping another bike lane open

Our friends at Canada Bay BUG have asked us for help. Here is their request. Let’s give them our support!

“Back in October last year Canada Bay Council completed part of the first section of a regional cycleway which is being funded by a $7 million grant from the State Government.

The route in question is a 200m stretch of Heath St in Fivedock between Henley Marine Drive and First Avenue. It’s frequently used by cyclists of all kinds and a popular route for those who want to traverse east-west through Fivedock.

I understand this stretch is often used by Bike North members and is part of some of Bike North’s rides.

Those who are familiar with this stretch will know the steep pinch and before the cycle way, where riders felt like sitting ducks as they ground slowly up the hill.

It was discovered at the end of January that council now want to rip it out due to residents’ complaints.

If you want to find out more have a look at this short Youtube video:

HOWEVER there is a chance to turn things around.

If you have a few minutes to spare could you to go to council’s web page in the link below and (hopefully) urge them to change their mind.

The deadline for public submissions is 24 February so there is not much time to act.

It could be as simple as ” I object to the removal of the cycleway on Heath St”.

Or better still back up your argument with some personal experiences or evidence of studies on the benefits other cycleways. Maybe even something about your taxes being wasted.

Here is the link.

Remember too that while experienced and strong riders can handle themselves on streets like this, it’s these grade separated cycleways that enable and encourage the very young, the very old, the not-so-strong and fit to get on the road and enjoy the pleasures and benefits of cycling as much as we do.

Rolf Muller – Canada Bay BUG member