M2 Resurfacing

Between November, 2023 and June, 2024,  five west bound sections of the M2 Expressway will be undergoing resurfacing work at night.

In answer to a Bike North enquiry, it has been confirmed that, where work is done, the top asphalt layer will be stripped off and the concrete base inspected prior to laying a new asphalt layer. The total width of the expressway will be treated in this manner, including the bike lane. So what does this mean for cyclists using the M2?

  • It is likely that sections of the M2 shoulder will be left as the concrete base layer for one or more days. Please be extra careful as some grooving could be present.
  • Asphalt “ramps” will be put in place to aid the transition between the asphalt and concrete sections.
  • The bike lanes will be closed from 9:00pm to 5:00am.

Overall this work should result in an improved surface for cyclists but care will be needed during the months concerned.

Brian Lynne – Ride Leader