Join the Bike North Social Committee!

Would you like to be in a part of Bike North where you are with specific people who have a common goal? 

For the past 6 years, our current Social Committee has been Christine Jessep, Theresa Gin, John Williams and David Vasey. We love what they have done for us over this time and feel very grateful to them. 

At the end of this year, these good people are stepping back and letting someone else have a turn. 

I thought you might like to know a little about the Social Committee, so you could consider whether you’d like to join it.  In talking to them, here is what I learnt: 

What is it like to be part of the Social Committee? What do you enjoy about it? 

‘Everyone very much looks forward to the events – the venue, the convergence of different groups of Bike Northers who would otherwise not meet, the food, and now and then, a game or quiz. It’s good to piece together each event, knowing they are integral parts of the organisation’s activities. 

Our planning meetings are most enjoyable. We usually meet at a pub or cafe. The planning rarely takes much, leaving lots of time remaining for an informal chat. 

We each bring our own ideas, discuss their various merits, make decisions and allocate the various jobs. 

There’s a bit of a timeline to consider; organisation is important but everything falls into place fairly easily.’

What does the Social Committee do? What is involved? How much time does it take? 

‘We choose venues that are accessible to all the different riders and are not too far from their starting point for a quick ride home.

We have to judge how much food and drink to provide and how it will work in relation to the venue. 

Catering is fairly straightforward. We think about what people might enjoy that we haven’t had before. This time though we have repeated what we’ve had before because everyone seemed to love it. 

The easiest way we have found is to have the food delivered to the venue in boxes; it saves us time if we don’t have to collect it and cleaning up is minimal. 

We are always most grateful to those who arrive early and offer to help set up and those willing to help after the event are also very much appreciated, making our day that much shorter. 

There are usually 3 or 4 events a year, one planning meeting is usually all that is required, perhaps a bit of shopping a day or so before the event, then maybe 3 hours on the day.’

So what should someone do, if they’d like to know more or join the Social Committee? 

Please come and talk to one of the Social Committee or get in touch with Phill at

Phill Hart, President