Tour de Cowra – Is Now Open

Cowra rides await you

All the rides for Cowra 2024 will be in the calendar, so you can register for the rides of your choice. 

If you are thinking of coming to Cowra this year then all you need to know about the event is on the webpage. Click on this link.  

Tour de Cowra 2024 is Free

That’s right , the Tour de Cowra is free. And, it is still open to members and non-members

No Need to Register for the Cowra Weekend

There is no need to register for the weekend from the Tour de Cowra webpage.

Registration for Individual Rides

Some things are staying the same!

 It is still a requirement to register for individual Tour de Cowra rides, just as you would for any Bike North ride.

The routes will be on the Tour de Cowra web page and maps can be downloaded to your cycling app of choice or a paper copy of the maps and cue sheets will be available on the day. (That’s why we need you to register for the rides, so we know how many paper copies to print before Easter.)

And, since the rides at Cowra have no leader or sweep, you are cycling at your own pace, it is essential that, each morning, you come to the Rose Garden in Cowra and you sign out for the ride you will be doing on that day and it is imperative that you sign back in after you have completed your ride in your own time.

Only 25km to Cowra

To read more about how the Cowra weekend is organised click here.

To ask the organisers a question, send an email to

John and David