As you ride the Parramatta River cycleway the smooth transitions between path and road in Lancaster Ave were upgraded as a result of Bike North advocacy to Council.

Did you know the design standard for a ramp on a shared path is different than a ramp for a driveway? The lip on a driveway can be a cycling hazard for bikes approaching at an angle so bike paths should have a smooth ramp. If they don't we ask for them to be installed.

Advocacy brings issues to Council's attention, explaining why it is an issue how to fix it. There is a roles for all bike riders in advocacy particularly joining Bike North work groups.

Jersey Showcase

We have created a jersey showcase with images of the Bike North jersey in may places over the last 14 years. If you have an image showcasing our jersey somewhere unusual send it to us and we will add it to the gallery. Click here to go to the gallery.


Congratulations Volunteers of the Year

Each year Bike North acknowledges outstanding volunteer contributions in running our organisation. Congratulations to our three award winners with outstanding contributions.

  • Mal Hart for ride leading.
  • Alison Wong for coaching.
  • Peter Tuft for advocacy.

2014 Annual Report

Annual Report Released. 2014-08-11

Bike North continues our excellent series of Annual Reports this year. Read all about our activities for the past year. You can download our latest 2013-14 report (and the previous five years) at our Annual Reports Page.

Please share this direct link
with anyone who may be interested.

Thanks to our hard working Executive team and production company for putting this together. 

Bike North AGM a success while Big Ride Day washed out.

The AGM was held in wet weather to an excellent turn out of 35 members. The new Executive Committee for 2014-15 was voted in, with Roger Leigh as our new Rides Coordinator. Welcome Roger and thanks to John for two years of volunteering. 

Photo shows (from L to R) Alison Pryor (Coaching), Roger Leigh (Rides), Geoff Wells (Treasurer), Doug Stewart (President), Terence Turton (Secretary) and Phil Griffiths (Advocacy). Tom Rubin (Membership) was absent and the Communications Manager position is vacant pending a casual appointment.


Bike North Ride of the Month. 2014-06-11

Every month Bike North will highlight one of our rides as ride of the month.

They will normally be easy to medium rides and designed to encourage a larger than normal member turn out. Everyone is encouraged to turn up and catch up on a classic BN ride.

Watch for the first Bike North News every month and book it in. Any suggestions for the next ride of the month?

BNCC Photos in our Gallery. 2014-08-11

Photos from our recent Murray to Mountains are in our photo gallery. Photos can be viewed at sizes you select and you can download as well.

While you are there have a look at our other pictures. Select from our albums at the left. Happy viewing.

Weekly Bike North Email News

All members should be receiving the weekly email newsletter called Bike North News. It normally comes out each Wednesday evening and contains snippets of important news, for sale items and all the rides for the next week. There have been some issues in members not receiving news for technical reasons. So if you are not receiving the Bike North News check your member settings then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Swing tag You Ride You Rock

Bike North Supports You Ride You Rock. 2014-06-02

Bicycle NSW are currently having a promotion on membership with 10% discount available. This has been promoted via a "swing tag" campaign with You Ride You Rock tag summarising the benefits of riding a bike and joining BNSW. There are prizes to win before June 30.

More information

What we can aspire to? - 2014-04-08

Member David Edwards sent this picture back from Oxford Station in England. Look at the volume of bike parking at this transport node! Is this what the new North West Rail Link stations should look like? Remember that although David is there on a fine day general cycling weather in England is much worse than in Sydney year round.


Italia 2011

Would you like to cycle in Italy with Italians? - 2014-03-27

So how might this be possible? Bike North is affiliated with Amici della Bicicletta di Verona (AdB) which is a similar organisation to us, but across the globe. Learn more ...

Want to be a Cycling Coach?

Bike North needs new coaches to help others learn to ride bikes or improve their skills. Training is available. Coaches also need a First aid certificate and a Working with Children check. We reimburse 50% of course or other coach training costs if you volunteer to run Bike for Life or other BN skills activities.



New Technology in Power Assisted Riding - 2014-02-19

New technology in motor powered cycling incorporating energy recovery systems. Clearly electrically assisted bikes are a big part of the future of transport. This Danish start up has a really good concept that has just gone to market.

Why we don't call "clear" - 2013-12-22

Many cycling groups use the call of "clear" when crossing an intersection to indicate that the road is "clear" to following riders, but Bike North does not do this. We believe that this call is unsafe for following riders who may be tempted to ride "on the call" and not check for themselves as there may be hazards unseen by the caller. We say that every rider must make their own assessment of whether it is safe to proceed. 

Big thanks to the sweep riders - 2013-12-22>

It is the end of another great year of cycling for Bike North with over 300 rides completed (and a few to go). Almost every ride uses a sweep rider at the rear of the group to ensure everyone is together, not to mention many flat tyres fixed. Thanks to all the sweep riders who have contributed to our program this year. 

Trek Madone 2013 Bicycle SafetyRecall - 2013-12-15

Trek Bicycle Corporation (Australia) are recalling some of the 2013 Madone models which may have a front brake fault. Details on whether your bike may be affected and what to do are on this web page.

Cycling to the coffee shop - 2013-12-15

Whether you are on a an easy spin around Olympic Park or a hard ride to Bayview, there is coffee and chat mid-ride. Riding with Bike North is a social way to get your activity quota. See our Calendar.

Tour de Cowra - Easter 2014 - 2013-12-04

How about riding along scenic country roads, enjoying fresh country air, staying in a lovely country town, and socialising with great friends. The Cowra area offers great riding at all levels so in addition to the posted rides, if you are after an easier ride option contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Check out the TdC web page and don't forget to tell your cycling buddies; the more the merrier. Registration open now.


 Do you cycle graciously? - 2013-12-02

Watch this short video published by the City of Sydney to find out.

 Latest Push On available from BNSW - 2013-12-02

BNSW has published their on-line newsletter Push On for December. You can read the Yudu version or download the PDF version.

Highlights include Batemans Bay Discovery Ride, Gear Up Girl, Tour of the West, Southern Tablelands cycling, Glebe Island Bridge proposal and more ...

Bike North Christmas Picnic is Over - 2013-12-02 

Our annual picnic was held on Sunday 1 December at Memorial Park, Meadowbank at the conclusion of our 5 rides held that morning. About 35 members enjoyed an hour or so of chat (mostly about cycling but not all) and munching. 

We are looking for ideas for the 2014 Christmas Picnic with the idea to make it special. Let us know what you want.

New site not displaying correctly? - 2013-11-06

If you are having problems seeing this new site correctly, it might be that your web browser cache is "remembering" the old pages. If so you will need to clear your browser web cache. Each browser has a different way of doing this, so you may need to look up your help pages.

Thank you to the web crew - 2013-11-05

The new web that you are now using was put together by many many hours work by the Bike North Web Team. Special thanks to Keith Griffin, Graeme Edwards, Terence Turton and Darryn Capes-Davis. Your dedicated work is really appreciated. If other members want to help make Bike North better at supporting cycling then there is plenty of opportunity. Send me a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

 New Bike North Web Site - 2013-11-01

Welcome to the new Bike North web site which comes with a load of new features to enhance your browsing pleasure. Our rides calendar is here along with all our archived Chain Mails, Tips and Tricks section has been reorganised to make it easier to navigate.

Our Advocacy area has now been incorporated into the main site and can be updated directly by our working groups so it will contain up-to-the-minute information about what is going on in your local area.

We have more members only areas which you can access using the login tab at the top right of the page using information sent out in each week's Email News (which we recommend all members subscribed to). So if you arrive on a page that suggests there should be more information, by logging in more information or more menus will appear.

 Sit back and browse around the new site. If you find a problem, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will fix it as soon as we can. A list of known problems is kept here so check that your problem has not already been reported before letting is know.

Welcome to the Incoming Executive - 2013-08-18

At today's (Sunday) Bike North AGM, the new executive team was elected for the coming year.
Congratulations to the new-comers and for those returning for another year.
Bike North is in good hands.
Details of Bike North's "Who's Who" are available here.

BNSW Course - 2013-06-18

Bicycle New South Wales (BNSW) is offering a fantastic range of maintenance and skills courses on an ongoing basis, these can be viewed at the BNSW web site.
In particular, Bike North recommends the advanced riding course to those members whom are looking to gain confidence and skills with their riding.

Rideable June -2013-06-04
A reminder to all of you wonderful cyclists who made the effort to record your morning commute of the 4th of June: please submit your GPX files to rideable.

Rideable - Winter Commuter Survey - 2013-05-31
This is one of your big opportunities to help promote the cause of cycling (especially cycle-commuting) by doing nothing more than that which you already enjoy.
On Tuesday June 4, from 5:00 - 9:30 am, Rideable, is conducting a cycle-commuting survey which will result in data that will be used to urge governments to provide more and better cycling facilities. If you own a GPS device for your bike OR a smart-phone then participating is easy - all you need to do is record your ride, then submit the data to the Rideable website. Their website even provides simple instructions for getting the data from your GPS to the site.
All information is treated anonymously and you can always start/finish your recording a few blocks from home/work.
Please make the effort on Tuesday June 4, as the more who ride, the more governments will listen.

Advocacy in Ku-Ring-Gai - 2013-05-16
Are you a cyclist living in, working in or travelling through the Ku-Ring-Gai local government area?
If so, why not help to improve conditions for all cyclists that will promote fun, safety and cycle-commuting in the area?
Bike North has already helped to win improvements, but far more could be done.
To become involved in Ku-Ring-Gai (or any of our LGAs across northern Sydney), please click 'Advocacy' in our page menu and select Work Group Details (left) to find out about your local group.

Mountain Biking in NSW National Parks - 2013-03-02
Have Your Say on mountain biking experiences in NSW National Parks and you could WIN 1 x A$250, 1 x A$100 or 2 x A$50 shopping vouchers and more prices will be announced in the survey!
You find information and a link to the survey here
What are the experiences that you feel our parks and surroundings in the northern Sydney area provide for mountain bikers? Where do you go for mountain biking and what are your motivations?

These are some of the questions being explored as part of an in-depth study by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service in cooperation with the University of Queensland about various park visitor activities in national parks in the northern Sydney area of NSW.

The online survey consists of two parts: in the first part we will ask you to drag icons onto a map of the northern Sydney area of NSW, marking locations where you go for rides, the reasons you ride there, and any future changes you would like to see. The second part of the study is a simple questionnaire that asks you about your riding preferences. You need to complete both parts so we can analyse the data.

This is a great opportunity for mountain bike lovers like you to contribute to experience development and management planning in our parks.

Thank you for your help.