Ethical Conduct and Social Inclusion are key underlying principles to the operations and activities of Bike North. Cycling itself is one of the most inclusive activities on the planet, being available to almost every person, every society, every environment and every situation. Bike North celebrates this through our own best practices.


This policy sets out Bike North’s requirements and guidelines for members and volunteers who are involved in any of our activities. Bike North is a highly ethical organisation which is transparent and honest in our activities and communications; takes responsibility for our actions; respects both members and the public; values members contributions; and considers carefully our communications and positions on all matters. 

Bike North is an entirely volunteer community and member-based organisation seeking to promote the Objects of our Association outlined in our Constitution.

All members of Bike North should familiarise themselves with this Code of Conduct and must follow it.

Conduct and Reputation

Volunteers will operate with professionalism, integrity, respect and courtesy for everyone we deal with. Decisions will be based in good faith and for the proper purpose after being reasonably informed of the relevant issues. Volunteers will work in the best interests of Bike North and conduct themselves so that Bike North’s reputation is enhanced

Media, Presentation and Publications

Bike North will maintain a consistent and considered position on relevant matters. All material sent to the media or external bodies or published by Bike North must be approved by at least two members at least one of which has been authorised to make statements on behalf of Bike North. Copies of correspondence sent and received and material published will be held in a central location. 

Confidential information

Volunteers may have access to confidential information relating to members or to Bike North’s activities which allows them to perform a role for Bike North. They will take reasonable steps to keep this information confidential and secure and only use this information only for the proper purpose without disclosing it to any other party unless required by regulation or law.

Conflicts of interest or influence

Volunteers will excuse themselves from any decisions which may involve any personal gain to themselves, business or family and declare conflicts of interest in advance.

Volunteers will take care when giving or receiving gifts, hospitality and other benefits to ensure that Bike North’s position or support is not implicitly or explicitly influenced and that no organisation is favoured as a result.

Discrimination, harassment and bullying

Bike North is an organisation that strives for inclusiveness, diversity and respect and seeks to create an environment for its members and volunteers of trust and appreciation. We will take reasonable steps to avoid:

  1. discrimination on the basis a person’s age, gender, disability, race, religion, sexuality or ethnic background,
  2. harassment by any form of unreasonable and unwelcome behaviour that offends, humiliates or intimidates another person,
  3. bullying by one or more people who repeatedly behave unreasonably towards another person creating a risk to physical or mental health and safety.

If you experience these things tell the person (or persons) concerned that their behaviour is a problem for you and that you want it to stop. 

If the issue still remains then inform the President of Bike North in writing including all relevant details. If you witness these things directed to someone else inform the President of Bike North in writing including all relevant details. The Executive Committee will investigate the matter appropriately and seek to find a satisfactory resolution.

If the matter is unresolved then provisions in the Constitution may be applied.

Abusive language, materials or messages

Abusive language is not acceptable within Bike North or published using any Bike North channel.

Policy responsibility and updates 

This policy is approved by the Executive Committee and it will be reviewed every two years. Last reviewed December 2014.