When it comes to advocacy, everyone can get involved!

Here are some ideas of simple actions you can take to help promote cycling in the community.

Ride your bike

The simplest and easiest advocacy statement you can make! Whether you ride for fun, recreation, social contact, fitness, commuting or transport, every time you are out on your bike, you are an ambassador for cycling.

Why not encourage friends or family to ride? Join Bike North or another cycling group.

Write a letter

If you notice an issue that may affect cyclists, let people know – whether the council, your local / state member or Transport for NSW or the newspaper. Sending a letter can be impactful. Consider these tips.

  • Ensure you are sending your letter to the appropriate authority
  • Be topical: write your letter when the issue is current
  • Date your letter and include your address and contact details
  • Keep to a single subject per letter
  • Keep your language simple and direct
  • Limit your letter to one page
  • Send a copy to the relevant advocacy organisation (e.g. Bike North)
  • Get help if wishing to write to the media.

Respond to Community Consultation

The wider community is often invited to contribute to discussions and plans on issues that affect cycling. This may include road and transport topics, but also local town planning, health planning etc. Consider whether cycling is an element that should be considered and, if so, make a contribution to the discussion.

Get involved in Bicycle Advocacy

Bike North welcomes involvement in our bicycle advocacy team. Why not join in to discuss issues, strategies and actions.

Ring talk-back radio

Often there are discussions on talk-back radio which are uninformed from the point of view of cycling. If you have the facts straight, prepare for what you can say and call in. Avoid being trapped in emotive arguments by the professionals at the other end.

Read the papers (local and metropolitan)

Keep informed on local issues through the media. Comment to the right people at the right time.