Peter Green, Coach and Ride Leader


Ph: 0450531368

I was given my first bike (a second-hand fixie) at age 11 & it really was love at first sight, we were inseparable, every Saturday was an adventure. I

would disappear with a packed lunch in the morning to reappear sometime in the evening. I didn't realise at the time (as I had nothing to compare it

to) that the bike is the perfect and the most elegant mode of transport yet invented and the perfect companion for adventure.

With the onset of adulthood, such toys were put behind me and forgotten.

Or so I thought, a few years back I borrowed a bike for a Scout Bike Hike of 12km and it all came flooding back. Within a week,I was the proud owner of Fluid Mountain bike from Anaconda and rediscovered that carefree inner child again.

My true love these days is a Cannondale SuperSix Road Bike (in Liquigas race colours with matching lime green tyres) which is now my companion for adventure. My riding these days is on the road with a preference for multi-day rides with interesting and scenic routes and destinations. And like minded companions of course.

Recreational cycling is fun and I truly believe that it can be for everyone, Bike North does have something for everyone from rank beginner to the hardest and fastest. I will mostly be somewhere in the middle (having fun)

If you are looking for that bike ride that is just a little different, a bike ride that is more than just a bike ride, please join me, you are more than welcome

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