Graeme Edwards, Coach and Ride Leader


Ph: 0414 848 639

I joined Bicycle New South Wales back in the days when it was called The Bicycle Institute. Since joining I have enjoyed many rides all over Sydney run by everyday cyclists like myself. I have always found that riding with a group of like minded people through the national Parks and back streets of Sydney very enjoyable not to mention the obvious health benefits cycling affords.

I joined Bike North in 2000 because of the number of rides they run in and around my part of Sydney. After a while with Bike North I discovered that leading rides can be just as much fun as just joining in. There is also the added advantage of being able to decide where the ride will go and on what day. What better way to have fun where and when you want it.

In 2007 I became an accredited cycling coach to allow me to pass on my knowledge to others and subsequently (January 2011) I completed an AustCycle coaching qualification. In 2010 I became a Bicycle NSW Master Ride Leader. So on the weekends you will probably see me leading a ride, running a ride leaders course or coaching somewhere.

All this may seem like a huge leap from ride participant one day to ride leader the next but with the excellent support of the Bike North ride leaders, the executive and all the members that come along and enjoy the rides it has been great fun.

So if you think that there are not enough rides around your place, or places you want to go then give ride leading a shot you never know how much fun you might have. Oh!, and one tip for the new ride leader, make sure there is a good coffee and cake shop along the way.

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