Debbie Edwards, Coach and Ride Leader



My first ride with Bike North was on April Fools Day 2001 with Pam and Col Kendrick. I had started riding in January that year after purchasing my trusty mountain bike that was known as Diablo (it was red). I hadn't ridden a bike for about 20 years and decided to start riding again for fitness. I also wanted a form of exercise that I could do out of doors, at any time, and through all the seasons.

I found Bike North through the Australian Cyclist Magazine Push On section as I found riding on my own a little lonely and wanted to ride with other people with similar interests. What a revelation!!! Bike North provided me with an instant group of friendly people from all walks of life. Encouragement abounded for the novice and I was hooked despite the fact that on my very first ride I had an accident. What a beginning!!!! I came back for more, riding that is, the next weekend!!!!

Since my first easy rides, I have progressed through the easy/medium, then medium rides and can now ride the medium hard to hard rides due to increased fitness. I now ride a road bike known as Farinelli. I can now ride further, faster and with less effort than on a mountain bike!!! I achieved my Ride Leader status with Bike North in April 2004.

Since then I have looked for other challenges such as Tour de Femme and Blayney 2 Bathurst and more recently I have attained my AustCycle Coaching Accreditation (Jan 2011) through the Australian Cycling Federation so that I can pass on my love of cycling to others as well as becoming a Bicycle NSW Master Ride Leader (2011).

What started off as a fitness strategy has ended up with me being actively involved in promoting cycling and all its benefits.

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