Alison Wong, Coach


Ph: 0414 285 581

Ali learnt to ride a bike as a 6 year old. Learning instructions were to'pedal as fast as you can' down the paddock. There was fence to stop yougoing into the creek and the grass was soft for those sudden spills to theground!

I joined Bike North in the late 1990s after no cycling since school days. Those so called easy rides were more than a challenge. In 1999 and 2000 I participated as a volunteer for the BNSW RTA Big Ride - my task was to set up the outdoor movies (on huge film reels) for the night's entertainment.

I have since cycled/camped around Tasmania, participated in a Cycling Challenge around Vietnam raising money for CARE Australia and completed a 15 day cycling tour around the South Island of New Zealand.

I recently attained my CycleSkill Coaching Accreditation (August 2008)

through the Australian Cycling Federation. Through this I hope to encourage others to share my passion and love of cycling. It gets addictive!

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