Pinemount (clockwise)

This is a very pretty, hilly 45 km ride to finish the weekend. Head East along the Mid Western Hwy to Holmwood. Pinemount Rd will then take you on an undulating climb up to a high point at Darby Falls Rd. What goes up, must come down, so a long downhill trek back to Cowra awaits.

SHORTCUT: Although not much shorter, this option is an easier ride. It is there and back to Mt Collins, with undulations rather than hills. Whether you choose to complete the small climb up to the end or turn around at Morongla Rd is up to you.

distance: 45 kms
average speed: 20 - 28
maximum speed 55+
facilities: None
hazards: Pick-a-plank bridge, fast traffic
terrain: hilly

Map and Profile



You can download a pdf of the route here.