Mudgee Bike North Day 4

The three of us Gaylene and Willemina and I started the day as usual with a cup of coffee at cafe 89. We then met the rest of the team at the caravan park for the day's briefing. The very friendly couple who had been very interested in every day's proceedings offered to take a group photograph.

Mudge Riders 2017

The aim was for all of us to go onto Hill End Road for coffee at Windeyer. We all started out together but as there were different speed levels the faster ones took off and we didn't see them anymore. As Willemina was struggling a bit with her legs, as they were very tired after the previous ride in very windy conditions, she decided to do 20 km and then turn around or more if the legs were ok. Carol and James were the first to turn around as Carol's bike was playing up. We turned around after having done the first big hill after 20 km and Alister and Ray decided to try and catch up with the other group for coffee at Windeyer. The ride we did was fortunately not as windy and very enjoyable and scenic. We intended to stop for coffee at the Honey Bee place, where we had bought some lovely honey the previous day, but as they were renovating the coffee shop we decided to go into town. We had a lovely coffee at the end of the ride in Mudgee. As this was day 4 Willemina has done about 220 km and I have done a bit more. It is great to be able to drive on the country roads, they are a bit bumpy sometimes but the views are worth it. We have decided to have a rest day tomorrow and are looking forward to another enjoyable ride on Wednesday. Thanks to Phil for taking the time to organise this trip. We were planning to do it together anyway, but it was so much more enjoyable thanks to the great people who participated as everyone was looking out for each other and trying to make sure everyone had a great time. It was also nice to hear about all the interesting things the slower group did with Lyness, tasting the local produce and investigating the arts and crafts and heritage, something to look forward to on the next visit. We did not expect the weather to be this kind to us (although it was windy) as we were experiencing sleet when we were driving into Lithgow on the way to Mudgee. Most of us decided to go for a meal at the Lawson Hotel, they are renowned for their special on Mondays, two for one cook your own steak and you can choose the size - some of them are huuuuge. The sticky date pudding was yummy.

Mudgee BN Day 5

Temperature 16 degrees....gorgeous! After our brief with organiser Phil, the 12 riders set off together for either a 60, 80 or 100k ride to Gulgong leaving town along Putta Bucca Road to Henry Lawson Drive, then looping around the countryside via Eurunderee, Black Springs and St Fillans roads encountering an angry 'mouth open' lizard crossing the road while we were descending! It was not happy but we all avoided it with lots of shouting alerts!! Back on Henry Lawson Drive, one rider decided to head back to town and one the direct route to Gulgong. With the group now 10 we again turned off HLD onto Mudhut Creek Road where the group split again with the 80k group cycling via Yarrawonga and Cumbandry, the others via the longer route through Cooks Gap and Cumbandry. We spotted the 100k group arriving in Gulgong just as we were leaving after coffee.

Along the way we encountered another lizard which meant some of the group learnt very quickly how to avoid a potential mishap when the rider in front hit the brakes suddenly but forgot the 'slowing/stopping' call! Could have been nasty without the quick thinking of the cyclists involved.....but great to see the passion towards the wildlife!

From Gulgong we headed the direct route back to Mudgee fighting winds along the way. An excellent ride on a glorious day!!