Mark Hooper, Ride Leader


Ph: 0417400670

I started cycling around 2012 / 2013 except for my teenage years. I bought a flat bar / hybrid bike for around $500 which I thought was expensive (little did I know). I first rode around the Parramatta river usually around 20kms or so and would walk up hills.

I first heard about Bike North when I saw them at the Granny Smith Festival in Eastwood and spoke to someone at the stall who passed me a brochure. I went on my first ride which was around 20 - 25kms from Eastwood down to LCNP and back. I have since improved and have slowly moved up from slow easy rides to hard rides.

I enjoy riding longer distances at a steady pace. I enjoy the social side of riding in a group and talking all things cycling - bikes, gear, etc.

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