Richard Kelly, Ride Leader


Ph: 0428 640 975

I became a BN ride leader in late 2013. I cycled little as a child and rarely until over 50. I ran lots for fitness and played various sports. In my early 50s I rode short rides to and from work sometimes, but only "got serious" after my (early) retirement. Nowadays, I ride 1,000+ km/mo.

Most of those km are "scenic cycling", using the bike to view attractive changing landscapes. I take my bike various places in Australia and occasionally overseas, with an emphasis on "hub-and-spoke" (day) riding rather lugging gear in a progressive touring format. Some cycling is with small groups, but I also enjoy cycling alone. Some trips include other interests: sailing, kayaking, walking.

For Sydney cycling and thereabouts, I use trains and sometimes ferries to start/end riding in pleasant cycling territory. Variety of routes is key to maintaining my enthusiasm.

I avoid "race", "red zone", "training", "challenge", "charity ride", sub-10 degrees, sur-30 degrees, rain and headwinds. My motto is "Why ride 50 (km) when you can ride 100?"

My active bikes are "Tracey" the 2012 Trek Madone 4.5 roadie, "Hyacinth" the Trek 7.4 Hybrid, and "Darlene" the 2011(?) Dahon Mu P24 folder.

I hope to particularly contribute to Bike North by leading longer rides at a moderate pace, and by adding to the ride database.

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