Chris Wong , Ride Leader


Ph: 0418484465

My dad gave me a Raleigh Tomahawk Bike on my 6th Birthday and that changed my life! I enjoyed cycling around my neighbourhood in Singapore. Dad thought the bike will keep me out of mischief instead it was a catalyst to many more!

When I was an army regular in Singapore for 5 years , I bought myself a Raleigh 501 steel road bike with Shimano 600 group set and often cycled round Singapore, Malaysia and Batam. It was a regular affair until I hurt myself while I was in the forces and had to stop cycling.

3 decades later, I resumed cycling after I had a health scare. I always wanted to rekindle my love for cycling when I retire but I changed my perspective and got myself a road bike. How things have changed! I have to be taught how to change gears and lost my sense of balance on the bike.

My mate Prasad (ride leader of Bike North) introduced me to Bike North in Aug 2020 and it totally changed my lifestyle. I stopped smoking, drank a lot less and did a ‘SKI” Spent my Kids Inheritance on all things related to bicycle LOL!

Thanks to Bike North, I got to see lots of Sydney and its surrounds in 2 years more than I have seen in 25 years. Now I am a weekend warrior on the bike front. My wife sees less of me over the weekend but she is happy just as long I do my housework after my bike rides.

My objectives as a bike leader is to give back to Bike North all the “Joy” I have received as a member, bring humour and fun to cycling and organise rides for newbies as well as seasoned riders who like cycling and want to challenge themselves.

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