Alison Pryor, Coach and Ride Leader


Ph: 0438 171 484

I got back into cycling as an adult, at first, borrowing a friend's bike. I like that cycling it is outdoors and versatile. I can get some physical exercise that is non-competitive, with a group or by myself. I can explore places at more ?human? pace. Or if I am riding somewhere very familiar, the repetitive pedalling movement and air moving by and can be quite mediative. At one point living in the UK, my bike was my main transport option. I even got a $50 annual bicycle allowance from my local social services employer to do my home visits by bike!

I found out about BN at an information stall at an early Spring Cycle and have gone on many rides since. As well as the pleasant company, the rides have been a great way for me to learn how cycle paths and back street routes linkup across Sydney. Knowing about safe routes has encouraged me to increase my cycling for transport. I became a ride leader in 2007, leading easy to medium style rides. I have attained my CycleSkill Coaching Accreditation (August 2008) through the Australian Cycling Federation, so I can encourage beginner riders to become more confident.

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