Ian Meller, Ride Leader

email: iangmeller@gmail.com

Ph: 0490 332 072

I took up cycling as part of rehabilitation following knee surgery. The knee problem was caused by pavement jogging and sport in years of long ago youth. It wasn't long before riding the same routes around the local suburb became boring. My first ride with Bike North was Concord for Cake in early 2007 using my son's mountain bike and I vividly remember the leader's phone instruction to make sure my tyres were well pumped up. It was a big step for me to ride 25km in a group but what I found were wonderful people with a strong interest in cycling and getting about Sydney. Bike North people have continued to provide me with amazing support to learn about bikes and cycling and I have made many new friends.

I cycle for recreation and to try to keep a reasonable level of fitness. My favourite rides are the scenic routes particularly those involving bush, water, architecture or nature. Sydney's magic places continue to enthral me.

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