Berowra to Tuggerah

Friday November 04, 2022, 08:00:00

RISK WARNING: As a participant in this dangerous recreational activity, you may be exposing yourself to a significant risk of harm. Bike North, the ride organisers and leaders wish to warn you of the risks and hazards that are an inherent part of cycling, and to take care to prevent putting yourself, your fellow participants and/or others into danger. By registering for this ride, you accept the warning as to risk, and you agree to ride in a safe and responsible manner and to obey all Australian Road Rules.

Summary : Follows old Pacific Highway north for 40km with two major climbs. Then descends into West Gosford and thereafter flat-ish north to Tuggerah. Total climbing 790M.

This ride starts at 08:00:00 Berowra stn

NOTES: Starts ASAP after arrival of train sched 7:54, from Hornsby P2 7:41. Coffee at Old Road Cafe after 24km. Aiming for takeaway lunch then 11:44 train home (Hornsby 12:51), else 30 mins. later. Cancelled or modified if significant rain likely

Ride Leader
Richard Kelly
Ph0428 640 975

Ride Grade Information
Distance (km)68
Average moving pacemoderate
approx. 19-22 kms/hr
Metres climbed 789.69
GradeMedium Hard
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Further Information
SuitabilitySuits strong country-road riders, used to fast traffic passing .
FeaturesFree-flowing with very few traffic-lights. Light traffic and bush setting for most of first 40+km, including two major climbs. Good direction for a southerly tailwind!
Coffee stopOld Road Cafe (Mt White)
Expected duration5 hour(s) (estimate only - ride may be longer due to on the day factors)
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Follows old Pacific Highway north for 40km with two climbs of 150+M with gradient always well less than 10%. Coffee can be taken after the first climb (Mt White) or after the second, with minor diversion along Pile Rd, Somersby (weekdays only). The ride then descends 170M evenly over 3km down Central Coast Highway to West Gosford, mainly on shoulder, and remains flat-ish and north-bound thereafter. There are 9km along the pleasant Narara Valley, 3km through Ourimbah along the shoulder of the old highway, 7km on fast flat shoulder of Enterprise Rd, and a final 2+km shared path to Tuggerah Station. Lunch can be at Tuggerah or takeaway for the train home. Or, on weekdays, have a peaceful, picturesque interlude outside the Uni cafeteria, 10km before Tuggerah. The first and last sections of this ride are near rail-bail chances, but not the middle section.

Keeping us COVID-safe:
- Pre-registration is compulsory. There are no walk-ins.
- Physical distancing of 1.5 metres should be observed where possible.
- All riders are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer.
- Riders must not attend if sick, have Covid-19, influenza or symptoms of any communicable disease.

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