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20/10/2018 Saturday Bobbo Banana
Effort:Grade: Hard, Distance: 52, Pace: brisk
Contact: Alanna Rados 0408480374
Starts at: 07:15:00 special start: Meadowbank Wharf, end of Bowden St, Meadowbank.
Ride to Bobbin Head via Kissing Point Rd and return.
NOTES: ***Ride with Yoga return*** Join a brisk paced ride with a 1hr outdoor yoga session on Apple tree Creek Bobbin Head, led by a professional instructor, we will then return to Meadowbank Wharf. Note the charge of $10 for Bike North members and $15 for non-members to cover costs. We will ride from Meadowbank to the yoga area at the bottom of Bobbin Head. The ride will return after yoga via the same route. The yoga class was specifically designed for cyclists with little to no yoga experience. It focuses on building strength and mobility to help prevent injuries, maximise efficiency and make you faster! Practised regularly, yoga has the potential to build a toned and balanced body to help meet the physical demands of cycling and achieve impressive performance gains.

20/10/2018 Saturday Bobbin Head with Yoga
Effort:Grade: Medium, Distance: 30, Pace: steady
Contact: Stuart Lee 0433541992
Starts at: 08:00:00 Turramurra Station, East side.
Cycle to Hornsby and Mt Colah for the exhilarating downhill run to Bobbin Head. Join a 1 hour yoga session designed for cycling. Rest for a coffee break before tacking the climb to Turramurra Station. Note the charge of $10 for Bike North members and $15

20/10/2018 Saturday North to West Head
Effort:Grade: Hard, Distance: 91, Pace: brisk
Contact: Roger Leigh 0435 015 448
Starts at: 07:00:00 special start: Epping Station, East side.
Difficult hilly ride via Brown's Waterhole, St Ives, Terrey Hills, West Head, Akuna Bay, Terrey Hills and return.
NOTES:Will be run if raining (bring appropriate clothing), but may be shortened. Pick up at top of KPR about 7.25. Bring pocket food to eat at West Head. Coffee probably at Terry Hills. Sorry, no yoga on this ride!

21/10/2018 Sunday Park and Lookout!
Effort:Grade: Easy Medium, Distance: 26, Pace: gentle
Contact: Clive Diamond 0403 055 166
Starts at: 08:00:00 special start: Eastwood Station, East side.
Ride from Eastwood to Lane Cove park, then back with a deviation past Denistone Park Lookout and Ryde hospital
NOTES:This ride has numerous sharp hills. Not long, but steepish. It is not suitable for beginners. Please contact the ride leader beforehand if unsure.

21/10/2018 Sunday Chester Hill Circuit
Effort:Grade: Medium, Distance: 43, Pace: steady
Contact: Alison Pryor 9874 2383
Starts at: 08:30:00 Meadowbank Wharf, end of Bowden St, Meadowbank.
Ride via Silverwater br & Granville. Stretch out to Chester Hill, then back to Parramatta for coffee. Return via M4 c/p.

22/10/2018 Monday Lane Cove River Roll
Effort:Grade: Easy Medium, Distance: 21, Pace: gentle
Contact: Wendy Jannings 9958 1345
Starts at: 09:00:00 special start: Artarmon Station, East side.
Loop ride to Lane Cove River National Park using Gore Hill and Epping Road cycle paths and relatively quiet back streets. Enjoy the tranquillity of the bush and river.
NOTES:WOMEN ONLY. cancelled if raining mobile 0406807390 no voice mail

23/10/2018 Tuesday Past Parramatta via Greystanes
Effort:Grade: Medium Hard, Distance: 62, Pace: moderate
Contact: Gerrit Hagen 0428 150 453
Starts at: 08:00:00 Meadowbank Wharf, end of Bowden St, Meadowbank.
Follow PVC, M4 and onto Liverpool Rail Trail towards Fairfield - along Prospect Creek and return via pipeline and rail trails
NOTES:PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED - cancelled if raining - M 0428 150 453 no voice mail - riders over 18 years of age only

24/10/2018 Wednesday Across the Ford
Effort:Grade: Medium, Distance: 31, Pace: moderate
Contact: Doug Stewart 0439 619 230
Starts at: 08:00:00 Eastwood Station, East side.
A tour of Eastwood, Macquarie Park and Lane Cove National Park. The route uses back roads and cycle paths and includes 3 optional short steep hills.
NOTES:If rain likely, bring appropriate attire. Riders over 18.

RISK WARNING: As a participant in this dangerous recreational activity, you may be exposing yourself to a significant risk of harm. Bike North, the ride organisers and leaders wish to warn you of the risks and hazards that are an inherent part of cycling, and to take care to prevent putting yourself, your fellow participants and/or others into danger. By signing onto this ride, you accept the warning as to risk, and you agree to ride in a safe and responsible manner and to obey all Australian Road Rules.