Adrienne Joan McLean

• Elizabeth Jocelyn McLean

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2021 Local Government Elections

Local » Ku-ring-gai » Wahroonga Ward

Official Party: Nil Group Name: Unnamed



Do you agree that council should support families to continue the increased level of
cycling in Ku-ring-gai? How can council support safe family cycling in Ku-ring-gai?
The choice to cycle or not is the family's choice. Having safe facilities for families to choose to cycle is another matter. I support having well designed facilities so families can choose to cycle. 
Public Domain Plans were recently approved by council and funding allocated.  These Plans included works such as footpath widening for cycling that would greatly aid families to continue cycling.  Would you support giving funding priority to such cycling parts of the Public Domain Plans?  

I support the implementation of the Public Domain Plans and the funding allocated. My assumption is the work has been done to ensure the plans meet community needs and requirements. Seeing as I haven't seen these Public Domain Plans, it's difficult for me to fully endorse the plans fully. The previous council has approved the motion so work should happen. 
Would you support the creation of a Bicycle Advisory Committee for council, as exists in most councils, and existed previously in Ku-ring-gai?  Absolutely. With cycling being so popular down Bobbin Head Road and the road not well designed for cyclists, a Bicycle Advisory committee working with council for the best for all, seems a very sensible initiative. 

Would you support funding the implementation of 20% of Council’s approved Bicycle Plan over the term of the next council?  
Absolutely. The previous councils have done the work, created a Bicycle Plan which must have been approved. The question is raised why is only 3% of the plan implemented. With a Bicycle Advisory committee in place, this may ehlp. 

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