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2021 Local Government Elections

Local » Willoughby » West Ward

Official Party: Liberal Group Name: Independent

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Will you actively support or champion Council building more safe and separated bike paths in the Willoughby LGA? 

Yes – I am currently doing that as a member of the bicycle committee, and I have voted to support all of our efforts along those lines.

What do you see as the most important reasons to support bike riding in general and within Willoughby LGA? 

Active transport makes sense now more than ever in our post COVID world where bike ridership has increased at an off-the-charts scale.  It helps us all be more physically active, it is more flexible than other forms of transport, and it is about as friendly to the environment at you can get.  Plus, it’s fun (apart from when you accidentally swallow mozzies when riding rapidly downhill).

Do you have any suggestions on how to make Willoughby a safer place for bike riding and walking?  Priorities for safe routes or other strategies? 

I believe we have made good progress in the last term of council, especially with the approvals of the Chatswood-St Leonards routes, but they will still need to be funded to come to full realisation.  We also need enhanced education and enforcement around e-bikes and e-scooters (especially the delivery ones) to remind them of road rules.  I support the proposed retention of the traffic lights at Mowbray Rd and Hampden Rd to facilitate a safe crossing in that location.

What contributions to safer riding and walking in Willoughby, or other areas, have you previously made? 

As part of the bicycle advisory committee, I have helped make a number of improvements to the existing path network—some little like making crossovers safer, better signage, and adding to shared paths—and some large like the development of new separated bike paths (some built already, some “shovel ready” awaiting funding.  Also we added the end of trip bike parking and changing facility at Chatswood station.

Willoughby Council has a Bicycle Advisory Committee, as engagement between Council, Bike North and other local community representatives on cycling and walking matters. Do you support this committee continuing in the next term of Council? 

Yes.  If there are ways to increase community participation in this committee, I would support that as well, but this committee does good work.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you.

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