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2021 Local Government Elections

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Official Party: The Greens Group Name: The Greens

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Thank you for reaching out on behalf of Bike North. I have responded to the questions below. Please reach out if you have any other questions about my policies or positions.

(1) Do you support better liaison between the Council and bicycle user groups?
Yes - Council needs to set up more opportunities for consultation with cycling groups in Lane Cove. This will help ensure all issues regarding cycleways are promptly brought to the attention of Council and addressed. 
 (2) We note that little appears to have been achieved by Council to implement the 2013 Lane Cove Bike Plan subsequently updated in the current 2019 Lane Cove Bike Plan. Do you support action that achieves the links and access routes for both pedestrians and cyclists which are presented in the current Plan? 
Yes - it is disappointing that the actions in the Bike Plan have not been prioritised. We have serious traffic issues in Lane cove and ensuring that action is taken to link key access routes will help provide safer active transport options. This will help reduce the number of cars on our roads. 
(3) Do you support the construction of infrastructure that makes cycling more viable for families, school children, commuters and recreational users throughout the Lane Cove LGA? 
Yes - more effort should be put into creating safe cycleways for families and commuters in the area. While we have some dedicated cycleways, more are needed to connect Lane Cove with key hubs in St Leonards, the North Sydney area, and further into the CBD. 
(4) You are probably aware that the State government has recently made some grants available to local councils to fund active transport improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. Given the limitations on council budgets, do you support the idea of Councils seeking and availing themselves of State Government grants for cycling infrastructure construction? 
Yes - if grants are made available by the State Government, council should apply for any available funding. This should be done in communication with bicycle user groups to ensure that grant applications accurately reflect the priorities for the cycling community in Lane Cove.  
(5) Are there any other comments you would like to make in relation to your support for cycling in and around Lane Cove LGA?

I live locally in Lane Cove and work just over in St Leonards. While I would love to cycle to work myself more regularly, during peak hour I often feel unsafe and therefore choose other transport options. I can see firsthand the need for improved bike infrastructure to help make it safer for existing cyclists, and to help promote cycling as a healthy active transport option for Lane Cove residents. 

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