Sheridan Gaye Evans

• Anne Louise Matheson

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2021 Local Government Elections

Local » Ku-ring-gai » Wahroonga Ward

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“I support and actively engage in riding, for pleasure, work and other.  You learn a lot on a bike 🚴…. About the environment, and people. I am definitely pro bikes!

• Do you agree that council should support families to continue the increased level of cycling in Ku-ring-gai?  

Yes I do agree council should support families to continue the increased level of cycling in Ku-ring-gai. I am a bike rider myself and if elected to council I would appreciate getting input from Bike North and other bike users on their experiences and needs and to share that knowledge with council.

• How can council support safe family cycling in Ku-ring-gai?  

I’m not an expert on KMC bike policies at this point of time, however as someone who has been fortunate enough to have travelled quite extensively here & overseas, there are many bike-friendly initiatives that could be examined in conjunction with KMC’s existing plan. Obvious initiatives like safe riding education programs, maintaining & extending bike infrastructure, & signage, exploring areas where family friendly multi-distance bike tracks could be created. Perhaps tracks of 1, 3, 5 klm around the St Ives Showground precinct could be explored. State government funding options could be explored with regard to funding projects.

The state government has a number of bike accessibility initiatives, some of which are already being rolled out, eg the Gilroy Road cycle way. The progress on these can hopefully be reported back to both your group and the wider public.

• Public Domain Plans were recently approved by council and funding allocated.  These Plans included works such as footpath widening for cycling that would greatly aid families to continue cycling.  

Would you support giving funding priority to such cycling parts of the Public Domain Plans? 

If elected to council I would support prioritising cycling projects as a principle. I would need to thoroughly examine and understand the specific Plans before unequivocally committing  to, or promising something that may turn out not to be feasible. 

• Would you support the creation of a Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) for council, as exists in most councils, and existed previously in Ku-ring-gai?  

Again, as a principle I am strongly in favour of community & special interest group participation, so long as it’s transparent and cooperative. 

• Would you support funding the implementation of 20% of Council’s approved Bicycle Plan over the term of the next council?  

If elected I would commit to examining the bicycle plan, evaluating its status, including it’s timing, and funding situation, and would support the implementation of a feasible plan which has clear, achievable outcomes in the near,  mid and long term time frames. I do not make promises if I know I can’t or won’t deliver on them. My aim would be, to be realistic and truthful and work collaboratively to try to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

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