Cycling New Zealand, Vicariously!

So! We cannot conduct the planned NZ Cycling Forum anytime soon. And Jacinta won’t have us visit until …? We’re locked down, locked in! Let’s see what YouTube offers: memories, inspirations, dreams, … I’ve written previously in News about NZ’s … Read more

New Zealand Cycling Video

To maintain interest in New Zealand cycling until we can reschedule our planned forum, and to add to your lockdown entertainment/inspiration, here is a 22-minute video. But firstly, “Kopiko Aotearoa” is a 1,050km [+15,000M] brevet (timed, monitored, endurance ride) across … Read more


So we can’t ride beyond 10km from home. Woe is we! With help from website (thanks Victor!), I pondered how to win the lucrative President’s Artistic-route Prize, genre “Extremism”. From Greenwich shop cluster (near home), and notwithstanding harbour and … Read more

Parted from Prudence

“Prudence” is the full name of my e-bike, better known as Pru. Prudence is a Peugeot (the car company), and prudence led this old man to nurse the bod and buy an e-bike 4 years ago. On Monday (05.04.21), I … Read more

Leader’s Lowdown: La Nina and I

How bad is La Nina, with her ride-ruining rain and unpredictability?! How GOOD is La Nina: heat-tempering, dam-filling, bushfire-banishing, grass-greening? And how merciful is La Nina, giving me a dry-ish 3-day window? My Hunter trip was a sudden Plan B. … Read more

Leader’s Lowdown: iNZid Revisited (Richard Kelly)

In February, I made my 5th annual NZ visit since a brother “migrated” to Tauranga. Each trip involves Tauranga plus some other areas – and plenty of cycling. This trip was confined to the north half of the North Island.… Read more

Leader’s Lowdown – 2019 Tumut Classic – Greg Boyd

100Km – Sunday 13 Jan 2019 Following on from the Christmas/New Year no-cycling eat-fest and associated gain in Kilograms it was time to saddle up and get the legs turning. I believe this was the third running of the Tumut … Read more

Leader’s Lowdown – L’etape Australia 2018 – Greg Boyd

Jindabyne to Jindabyne via Perisher – 1 Dec 2018 L’Etape Australia 2018 – Profile (3000m overall climb) L’Etape Australia 2018 – Course Leading up to L’Etape 2018, I was bemoaning the usual tale of not enough training and too much … Read more

Leader’s Lowdown – 2018 Bowral Classic – Greg Boyd

Maxi Classic 175km (178.7km) Following on two weeks from riding the Around the Bay 300Km course was the Bowral Classic and I clicked the box titled “maxi-classic”.  This would be my third Bowral Classic and the new course for 2018 … Read more