Leader’s Lowdown – Overseas Bike Share Program Experiences

By Tony Stanley I’m sure that many BN members have seen the growing number of dockless bike share bikes in the Sydney area and particularly in built up areas. I haven’t personally used any of the Sydney options myself, though I have (through work travel) experienced a number of programs in other countries. The following article summarises my experiences: I … Read More

Bicycles, Motorbikes and Cars

Leaders Lowdown by John Hunt During my high school years I rode a bicycle about 3 kms a day each way to school from Greenacre to Bankstown, down the Hume Highway. In the afternoon I made a right hand turn from Chapel Road into the Hume Highway opposite the Three Swallows Hotel, when there were no traffic lights at the … Read More

Leader’s Lowdown – Greg Boyd L’etape 2017

https://letapeaustralia.com/ Ride Report – 2 Dec 2017 In the week leading up to L’etape the weather forecast was not looking that encouraging and each day closer to the ride date of 2 December 2017 the predicted flooding/rain and wind speed kept increasing! This was the opposite of 2016 where it was snowing then raining and cleared up for the ride, … Read More

Leader’s Lowdown – Greg Boyd Peaks Falls Creek 2017

Peaks, Falls Creek 2017Ride report Once more with feeling. The profile for Peaks looks like a few lumps, but those big lumps are 30 and 35km long and each over 1300m vertical climb. Click on this link for a virtual flyover.  The lead up to Peaks 2017 was fraught with too much work, too much rain, too little training and probably a … Read More

Leader’s Lowdown – Greg Boyd L’etape 2016

https://letapeaustralia.com/Crackenback to Perisher Ride Report – 3 Dec 2016The latter half of the year has been busy and hence not much riding resulting in the usual loss of fitness and increased Kg. A struggle to complete the 170km in the Bowral Classic and likewise a struggle with the 165Km in Fitzs Challenge.  The calendar cleared a few weeks prior to L’etape … Read More