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Leaders Lowdown by John Hunt During my high school years I rode a bicycle about 3 kms a day each way to school from Greenacre to Bankstown, down the Hume Highway. In the afternoon I made a right hand turn … Read more

Leader’s Lowdown – Greg Boyd L’etape 2017 Ride Report – 2 Dec 2017 In the week leading up to L’etape the weather forecast was not looking that encouraging and each day closer to the ride date of 2 December 2017 the predicted flooding/rain and wind speed … Read more

Leader’s Lowdown – Greg Boyd Peaks Falls Creek 2017

Peaks, Falls Creek 2017Ride report Once more with feeling. The profile for Peaks looks like a few lumps, but those big lumps are 30 and 35km long and each over 1300m vertical climb. Click on this link for a virtual flyover… Read more

Leader’s Lowdown – Greg Boyd L’etape 2016 to Perisher Ride Report – 3 Dec 2016The latter half of the year has been busy and hence not much riding resulting in the usual loss of fitness and increased Kg. A struggle to complete the 170km … Read more