Ride Participants Guidelines

In the past, it was generally not a requirement to register and riders could turn up on the day. Sometimes the numbers on rides were huge which could have easily become a safety issue. Covid changed things. It is now a requirement that riders register on-line before the ride and by doing so acknowledge the safety warnings and agree to … Read More

Overall Map of Our Ride Routes

A new facility is available to view some 300 Ride routes from our database that have been mapped with the ridewithgps.com [RwGPS] tool.  (Conversion of old routes to this format is ongoing). This facility is more efficient than using our traditional “Search Rides Database”, particularly when searching for Rides that start in a certain area. To access the new facility, … Read More

Vic’s Fruity Biscuits

Recently Victor shared his secret of his cycling prowess. You would think it was due to hours on the trainer or pork and fennel sausage rolls or large cappuccinos. But no, the secret turned out to be biscuits baked by his wife Jenny, small samples of which he has shared on many rides. Victor and Jenny have graciously agreed to … Read More

Ebike session a success

Bike North hosted a successful eBike taster session for Willoughby Council during seniors week. It was a popular session with a full number of participants. Thank you to the several Bike North volunteers who came along with their ebikes and talked about why they got an ebike, what they enjoy about riding it (like taking the strenuous effort out of … Read More

Cycling Skills Events

There are number of cycling skills / cycling information programs Bike North is supporting over the next month – in partnership with a couple of the local government councils in our area. Click on the links below for further information and the registration process with the relevant council. If you are interested assisting on the day contact Alison at coaching@bikenorth.org.au … Read More

Executive Committee news

Our Advocacy Officer, David Thomson, will be taking a short leave of absence from the Executive Committee for personal reasons.  During this time, our advocacy efforts will continue, led by the local advocacy Area Convenors, supported by Justin Holmwood. We wish David all the best during this time and look forward to his return. Phill Hart President

Feedback Sought for Greenwich Point Wharf Upgrade

Greenwich Point residents have been advised of proposals to upgrade the ferry wharf and access. Tony Stanley recently brought this to the attention of Bike North chat users. Apart from locals there are an increasing number of commuters and recreational riders using the wharf as it is a great way to cross the harbour to avoid city and suburban traffic. … Read More

Flood damage to roads Windsor Grass Farms

Anyone considering doing a loop of the Windsor-Richmond Grass Farms will find that Cornwallis Road just north of Cupitts Lane has completely collapsed after the floods 2-3 weeks ago. Looks like it will be a while before any repairs are done due the extent of the damage. One pothole you don’t want to fall into! Cheers, Marjorie

The Tour de Cowra 2021

They don’t get much rail traffic these days in Billimari (see the photo). They did, however, have over 60 cyclists stream through recently, as part of the Tour de Cowra.  It was a common point on the two rides being offered that day. And what a day it was!  And what an event!  We got to know old friends better … Read More

Parted from Prudence

“Prudence” is the full name of my e-bike, better known as Pru. Prudence is a Peugeot (the car company), and prudence led this old man to nurse the bod and buy an e-bike 4 years ago. On Monday (05.04.21), I rode an oft-enjoyed route, Katoomba to Meadowbank, accompanied by Alan Brien. After Penrith, my route passes through/near Cambridge Park, North … Read More