NSW Bicycle Forum followup

New South Wales Parliament House was the venue for the NSW Bicycle Forum on Thursday 17th October. Organised by Bicycle NSW, the forum aimed to bring together major stake holders to discuss cycling infrastructure, safety and education. Approximately 40 delegates attended, including John Hunt and Brian Lynne from Bike North, covering a number of Sydney and country BUGS plus one … Read More

Czech This Out

The Bike North Jersey was recently seen traversing the countryside between Cesky Kromlov in the Czech Republic and Vienna, Austria as Brian Lynne joined a six day, 350km ride. The ride was fully supported with guide, sweep and support van using hired bikes. Accommodation was in three star hotels or B&B’s with breakfast, snacks and dinner provided each day. A … Read More

Hornsby Advocacy Working Group Meeting 29.10.10

The next meeting of Bike North’s Hornsby Advocacy Working Group will be held in the Esther Wait Meeting Room of Hornsby Central Library from 7.15pm to 8.45pm on Tuesday 29 October, 2019. Any Bike North member is welcome to attend and participate. The minutes of the last meeting (24/9/19) of the Hornsby Working Group are available by logging into the … Read More

Granny Smith Festival

The Granny Smith Festival in Eastwood is one of Sydney’s largest annual street fairs and will be held this coming Saturday 19th October. Bike North will once again have a stall at the festival to promote cycling and everything that Bike North does. We are looking for some volunteers to help set up and staff the stall, hand out brochures … Read More

Last Chance for Nowra weekend

Nowra is only a week and a half away. This is your last chance to register to come. If you are coming, then don’t forget to: Book your accommodation in Nowra.Register on the BN calendar.Check you have spare inner tubes (that fit the bike).Know how to change a tyre (especially if you are riding independently). Check your bike is okay … Read More

A Google map of all Sydney’s Cyclepaths

Biketrail .Blog has made a map consisting of 300 different paths that have been combined to make one map. The map is 98% complete, there are other places in Sydney where people ride but they are not shared paths or quieter roads between shared paths. The completed map can be viewed here: https://biketrail.blog/maps/sydney/ To see how this map was made, … Read More

Lane Cove Fair – thanks to helpers on the day

Wendy would like to thank James, Jane , Anne, Chris , Marea plus Darcy, May Ling, Robert, Sue and Sandy for your great assistance in running the Bike North Stall at Lane Cove Fair 13 Oct.. It was my pleasure to coordinate such a team. A very successful day; we gave out maps, much information and answered many questions; nothing … Read More

Freedom Wheels

Who is Freedom Wheels?  I suspect that, like me, most members of Bike North have not been aware of Freedom Wheels.  With the help of teams of volunteers Freedom Wheels gives people with a disability the chance and  – for many – the thrill of getting on as bike and going cycling.  Something we take it for granted.  Freedom Wheels … Read More

NSW Bicycle Forum Invitation (Please RSVP)

Bicycle NSW invites you to NSW Parliament House for a bicycle forum. Location: Jubilee Room, NSW Parliament House, 6 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000 Date: Thursday, October 17th Time: From 9:30am till 4:00pm RSVP: By Thursday, October 10th info@bicyclensw.org.au We will be inviting representatives of each of the major parties, NSW Police, Councils, Bicycle User Groups and relevant road user … Read More

Wangaratta and Amy’s Gran Fondo (Great Ocean Road)

Some months ago Willemina and I were talking to Margaret and Fran about Amy’s Gran Fondo.  We always thought it would be wonderful to ride on The Great Ocean Road when there would be no traffic.  We decided to look into the distances and available accommodation and have a good think about it.  Margaret and Fran were thinking to start … Read More