Traffic light changer!

Why don’t the lights change when I’m sitting there on my bike? Many traffic lights only give you a green light when your car is detected, many of them do not detect bicycles.  If you have a metallic wheel rim, you may be able to have your bike detected by positioning your wheel 20-30mm along the edge, inside the detection … Read More

Enjoy the Break . . . and Blast into the New Year!

With a few days or more available in the calendar to get out on our bikes we’ve got the chance to Blast into the New Year with plenty of rides. Here’s a little inspiration. It seemed that water was a theme for two rides this week. Thanks to our Ride Leaders Kerry Tipton and Brian Lynne for taking these rides, … Read More

Happy Christmas to all!

The spirit of Bike North has been shared at some of our Pre-Christmas events. There were plenty of good stories shared about so many rides but also Easter planners are eager to hear about plans for Cowra at Easter which are already underway. (See the article below with links). With only a few days till we can hopefully put our … Read More

@Xmas Time: thinking of Easter

Only 40km to Cowra! Over this Christmas period you may discuss with other cyclists and non-cyclists what you would like to do at Easter. How about coming to Cowra? We are busy planning Bike North’s annual Easter cycling festival again in Cowra. This is Bike North’s premiere event, attracting 60 to 90 people, would you like to join us? To find out more about the Tour … Read More


Earlier this month Bike North members Justin Holmwood and Tom Rubin met with a group of senior Hornsby Council staff to review and discuss progress on a number of local cycling infrastructure issues. This is the third such meeting since re-elected Hornsby Mayor Phillip Ruddock responded to Bike North’s request for Council to establish some regular contact with cycling groups. … Read More

Help needed: borrowing a bike

A lady ‘of a certain age’ has been in touch with us, wanting to try and get back into riding after a long break. She has a helmet and pump but needs to borrow a bike! Does anyone have a small to medium bike you’d be willing to lend her for a short while?  Probably something fairly simple with straight … Read More

Discount on membership with Bicycle NSW for Bike North members

Do you know that membership with Bike North entitles you to a 15% discount on your membership with Bicycle NSW?  Use code bikenorth2122 when you join or renew.  Bicycle NSW members receive global, comprehensive (personal accident and public liability) rider insurance and a range of other benefits as well as advocacy and legal support.  Read more

Your Website: your insights?

We are updating and refining our website (  The current website is rich with content and interactivity;  it is a central pillar in our communications with members, potential members, the public and cycling infrastructure decision-makers.  We want to enhance and simplify the website to enable more efficient access to our information and offerings. We have received almost 50 responses to our … Read More

Bike North Tour Overseas Innsbruck to Verona: Late Sept 2023

This tour was planned to run in 2020 and is now back on – there is confirmed group going. The trip details are as follows:  Self-Guided cycling tour package with EuroBikes a major cycling tour company in Europe based in Austria. This will be a Bike North group tour – we have arranged with an extra day/overnight stay modification to … Read More